3D Bubble Bobble

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Pater Alf
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3D Bubble Bobble

Post by Pater Alf » Tue Sep 12, 2006 14:21

I think I don´t have to loose many words about one of my all-time-favorites "Bubble Bobble". You play the two little dragons Bub and Bob and guide them on their journey through the cave of monsters. So you jump over the platforms, bubble in all the monsters and destroy them afterwards by touching the bubbles...

Sounds easy, is grat fun and after all the years (about 20!) it´s still a game I like to play.

This one is a 3D-remake of the original. Everything has the spirit of the original (design of monsters, sound and music etc.), so you can see the developer truely loved the game as well. Only negative point ist that there is no 2-Player-option.

Developer: Thomas Long

Download: http://curlysworldoffreeware.com/game_i ... ?gameid=34

Download size: 2,7 MB

I think it´s freeware (at least you can find it on several freeware pages), but I´m not 100% sure. Unfortunately I couldn´t find a mail adress of the developer as well...
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Post by Scythe » Mon Oct 29, 2007 17:32

While this doesn't exactly live up to the greatness of the original, there is something appealing about having Bub and Bob in 3D, and you can't argue with the music that made you rock in the arcades way back when.

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Post by Chroelle » Sun Dec 02, 2007 14:05

I feel the movement of bub was less than perfect and you really lost the option to jump on your bubbles in free space. This was only doable up against a corner. And since you only had one jump to burst a bubble, it mostly ended up with monsters hanging in the ceiling with nothing to do for you but wait until they got down again...
I really liked the fact though that he kept the look of the enemies, and even the time-ghost. There really was a big chok in it for you, when you turned around and the ghost was right behind you...
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