YouTube channels you would recommend

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YouTube channels you would recommend

Post by eMTe » Sat Oct 19, 2019 1:35

As you maybe have noticed (or not) YouTube is slowly, but steadily, winning with Facebook in the content quality department. I have noticed it a couple of years ago that Facebook is more about creating enclosed bubbles and inciting hatred; while YouTube, due to its register openness, visual nature, is more about quality and positive approach. Of course, comments under the videos are frequently full of worthless offensive $#|T, but since visuals are more powerful than spoken word folks tend to focus on the vid itself rather than on flamewars. And these flamewars look like botwars, whilst on Facebook real people fight.

Also, it is worthy noticing that it is YouTube where you can find people posting from countries like India, Indonesia, China, Japan, Emirates, Nigeria etc. Whether it's mostly offensive (but always not understandable due to alphabet) spam or not is irrelevant; YouTube seems to be winning as a social medium bringing the world together. You won't talk friendly or hostily to anyone or ever meet anyone from Thailand or Mexico or South Africa on Facebook while YT gives you this chance.

Sorry for this lengthy introduction; it's just I recently observed that of all social media available in web I use only YouTube, because it provides me occasionally amusing, interesting, thought-provoking, relaxing content. And I believe it might be global trend.

Simple question. Can you recommend interesting YT channels I don't know about.

I have 186 subscriptions (just checked it), which is totally unbelievable for me, because I thought it may be 35-40 at best. What only strenghtens my opinion that YT worm unawarely for folks gets much more deeper into the brain than Fb. Some of these subscriptions were probably made on a whim, but still 186 is WAY more than I had friends on Fb including sites or people I followed.

So, here's the selection of my channels. I don't post Polish ones, which are of no interest to you, I hope you will find interesting content there. Please post your recommendations too, maybe it will be of use to me. 8) ... LIegT5QAbA

My browser works slowly, so further down I will just post channel names if you don't mind. They are all perfectly findable.

Pop Haydn
Mateusz Skutnik
Viral Paws
Maths Town
Animal Watch
Saint Louis Chess Club
The Dodo
Voices of Music
Curious Droid
Jon Watson
Terminal Passage
Professor Live
Ryan Hayashi
The Hoax Hotel
Team Coco
Wendover Productions
Anthony Galie
Shawn Farquhar

I even follow my own channel, xinijxt, this is what settings show me. :P Its' pirated content has 95 subscribers, including me. Yay!
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