pedestrian slaughter - portable free PC game to download

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pedestrian slaughter - portable free PC game to download

Post by portfreewaregames » Wed Apr 17, 2019 21:30

Pedestrian Slaughterer is a game creat'd f'r the #LDJAM whence thou shalt slaught'r as many pedestrians as thou can because thou're a cockatrices, howev'r if thou runeth out of bloodlust thou loseth! to thy advantage thoust a hov'rcraft to moo easily slaught'r moo pedestrians yarely, howev'r be acknown if thou hiteth something to hard thou will fall off and loseth!

(The objective of the game is to avoid hitting a building and run over as many pedestrians as you can)

youtube intro video -

game download page - ... ghter.html

direct download link - ... r.exe/file

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