Hounds Online: The Last Hope Released

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Hounds Online: The Last Hope Released

Post by uptonogood » Fri May 29, 2015 2:31

A TPS adventure is about to begin: Hounds Online: The Last Hope

A game with TPS (Third Person Shooter) feature means that you see yourself in the middle of screen and that will make your gaming experience look like the real life. Hounds Online: The Last Hope offers developable and customizable weapon technology feature, which means you can create your own weapon by setting features up on your own, and this is saying something.
In the game, you will be sorted into classes and this choice only belongs to you. These classes are Tech, Support, Specialist and Assault. Tech uses a grenade launcher and has a few gadgets they can use. Support, the sniper, as you can understand, is your ally in long distances. Specialist class is included with experts at bombs and the Assaults with their shields are probably the most unique class in comparison to other games, but still something we have seen in both other MMOFPS and even standard FPSs. For more info, visit the game’s webpage or have an account here! Here is the video

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