The little Inn by the wayside

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Re: The little Inn by the wayside

Post by eMTe » Sun Feb 17, 2019 12:11

I haven't watched YT, but I read Telegraph article on the couple. Gorpcore look, huh? I use gorpcore clothes for work, minus boots, because they're high-heeled thus not suitable for flat surface walking. All UK tourists in their pension age travelling here are gorpcore, or at least outdoor-core for the lack of better word. The clothes, especially shoes, look brand new as if they all follow the same advices from the same websites or maybe even government? "Buy new comfortable shoes suitable for walking around the town". I have nothing against it, just compliance of all kind always looks fun to me. 8)

I feel ambigous about "visit all X places" or "collect all Y objects" agendas, because the choices are always arbitrary to a certain degree, but if they have fun with their travels.. :D

One interesting (and exotic) thing about English railway stations is they are all (?) fenced.
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