What if there is infinite number of existing particles

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What if there is infinite number of existing particles

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(...) not the infinite number of existing Universes.

Eat this, folk:

Infinite number of existing particles (of which we as finite humans created fake chains of understanding) makes the number of existing Universes growing from gazillions to gadzookmillions.

Not only now every existing Universe is original and separate, but every existing particle (of gadzook-likeazillions we havent discovered yet) within all these Universes is the separate entity.

What we observe as quarks and bozons are 1/100000........... of varied particles that dont even share qualities and quantities. Or do, as they like. Or sometimes do and sometimes dont.

Bottom line is, there may be more types of particles than possible Universes. And some of them havent created Universes yet.
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