Is Windows XP the best OS ever made

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Is Windows XP the best OS ever made

Post by eMTe »

Due to my comfortable XP compy being practically dead, I decided to by a laptop (first ever).

Since I buy it for money, of course I am looking for a reasonable price/power ratio. But. Since quite a portion of my stationary computer usage is dedicated to retro gaming, I was afraid most modern os (Windows 11) might create issues with WinUAE (as an Amiga guy, I use WinUAE heavily).

Apparently it does not, but in a meantime of getting an answer I began to ponder on XP

I just love my dying XP, it's one of the bestest thing that happened to 90/2000s human. It was in operation longer athan any other OS (in operation = quite functional).

Would you agree. Or is it just nostalgia taking over me. OG/CWF all happened on XP. I still use the same monitor, from registering on OG in 2004 towards the wildest drunken post-internet posts. So it may be a bias. But objectively, was it

good OS
perfect OS
interesting OS

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Re: Is Windows XP the best OS ever made

Post by Zyx »

You're right, a lot of interesting stuff happened during Windows XP. Wifi, USB, Bluetooth, Internet Explorer 6, and MSN Messenger started to really become things with Windows XP. It's the operating system of the dotcom bubble.

Oh, and its gradients and colors had a lasting impact on the world. One could argue that the theme of this forum software is very much inspired by the colors of Windows XP's user interface.
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