Gaming culture and politics

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Gaming culture and politics

Post by eMTe »

Well, I have returned from holidays, refreshed, turned inside out and ready for bits of intelligent sober flametrolling. ... rogressive ... ory-117289

These articles are the basis for further discussion. It's not a mystery that I am radically left (to the point I completely abandoned having male friends, only socializing with women), and I consider male gamers a bunch of potentially dangerous incels (as a whole, I still like you here, individually :p).

But the issue remains. There are no known or even active in the past female users of Lemon Amiga. There are few women to be found on retro meetings. Games like GTA present women as potential sexual and violence targets, even if they push this poetics to the humorous and hardly believable extremes. But the issue remains.

Is computer gaming - retro or modern- slowly, but steadily becoming an inherently "male thing"? Or was it always, just this agenda was hidden and now is getting clearer, when games joined the global fiercely money-oriented market, even surpassing pornography and pharma in revenue?

Would a game like Syberia be possible to be published in 2020, as a hit, not as a niche continuation of the franchise? Or we are doomed to experience another 117 GTA extensions where you just abuse other living beings, for the sake of weirdly-meant individual pleasure?

Frankly, I get sick of this type of gameplay. Im a freedomist, so I would never vote for any kind of bans like ban for swastikas in Germany, but I am strongly for "soft changes". Education, inclusion etc. Gaming is getting off the socially acceptable hook and joins the subliminal, but very active, male agenda where they (games) are included into the culture of dominance.

Yes, Predseda, add a "big eyes" smilie as a reply to this post, but then ask yourself do you know any women consciously active in a retro gaming world. Well, there's of course Kaja from Warsaw, but she's sort of Maria Curie.
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Re: Gaming culture and politics

Post by Zyx »

I would say that modern gaming is less and less a "male thing". Of course, some people see this as a threat and start to defend it as a male dominion.

There's this nice presentation how game developers are responsible for peddling a male power fantasy: and the slides ... sp=sharing

There are many reasons why retro gaming is very male-oriented, not least because in those times, households only had one computer and it was very likely set in either the father or the son's room. These days, everyone has their personal device so this kind of exclusion is not as wide spread.
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