department of applied science - portable free PC game to download

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department of applied science - portable free PC game to download

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D.O.A.S. is a greyscale 2.5D platformer with suspense and horror elements.

In the early 1950ies a parallel dimension was confirmed. Throughout the years many governments developed devices to establish transitions between these worlds. The other dimension has a dark and uninhabitable atmosphere without day or night and a permanent misty view.

Several administrations warned that the barrier between the two worlds seemed unstable and thinned out. Concepts for containment procedures are in developement. The first random incidents of transitions occured in late 2012. People are disappearing since then.

As a member of the mid-level security personnel you are equipped with a decrypting pad. Unfortunately you are thrown by accident into a part of the parallel dimension which is already deserted. Now you have to find your way back!

youtube intro video -

game download page - ... _doas.html

direct download link - ... e.exe/file
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