lotter vs the world - portable free PC game to download

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lotter vs the world - portable free PC game to download

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Millions of cycles ago, the subroutines of Acknex lived together in harmony. Working to create games and aid new developers on their path... But then...the Unity attacked. There was nothing we could do. One by one they assimilated us, made us one of them. Made us fight our brothers and sisters. Until none but a few of us were left. In a last ditch effort to defend our home from these foreign invaders we executed a long forgotten program in unallocated memory space. The Guardian was born. By adapting the code of seven of our bravest fighters, it changed them, converted them into a force that not even the Unity could stop. But neither could we. The Guardians took control of the APIs and stopped anyone from entering or leaving their domain. Their memory space. It stopped the Unity, but without any means of escape those of us that were left also fell into the hands of the Unity. Until one day a new program appeared in the system, fighting the Unity. He is our only hope.

youtube intro video -

website download page - ... world.html

direct download link - ... d.exe/file
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