AGameAWeek - Year 2

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AGameAWeek - Year 2

Post by jayenkai » Tue Aug 31, 2010 15:03

I'm done for a while, probably about a month or so, mostly because I need a rest!
Meanwhile, here's a quickly compiled Toobyvid of Year 2, in the order they were made.

Some are good, some are ok, some are, quite frankly, terrible.. But all are done.
54 games in 54 weeks, because I miscounted what I was up to.
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sleep now!

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Re: AGameAWeek - Year 2

Post by Pater Alf » Wed Sep 01, 2010 18:17

Enjoy your rest. You well deserve it! And please come back and bring us many more great games when you feel relaxed and full of creativity again.

And here are my nominees for the best-jayenkay-game-in-the-54-weeks-of-year-two-award:

* Tetripong
* NeonPlat 2
* Gravity Bombs
* JNKPlat 2010
* Cardagain
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Re: AGameAWeek - Year 2

Post by Chroelle » Thu Sep 02, 2010 23:40

Can't help it, but Gravity bombs is my altime favourite. I had such a good time playing it for hours on end...:) And you doubted it was a even a game. :)
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