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More than one game submissions

Post by drak_swordsman » Thu Mar 09, 2006 23:10

Here are some (not all) free games I have played:
Starsiege Tribes - Yup, It's free, and from the Sierra website

Cube - I think its open source, but it is free

KumaWar - IMO This game sucks, but it IS free

Martial Heroes - Free MMORPG, but the playerkilling got so bad the GM's banned the worse of the PKers, and I got PKed so many times by the banned PKers I quit

Gunz Online - Described as 'an online alternative shooting game'. Kinda fun, you can run up and along walls, but has a few hackers here and there so beware

Rubies of Eventide - Cool looking, but I never really got into it

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Post by Chillum » Sun Mar 19, 2006 14:57

Stairsiege tribes is an online game.. Well you CAN play single player, but only practising... :p
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Just because I was bored..

Post by moshboy » Fri Mar 31, 2006 10:30

Neverball - 3D Marble Madness type game, in which you tilt the world instead of rolling the ball itself.

Madness Interactive - Insanely hard side-scrolling shoot 'em up / beat 'em up freeware flash game.

Kiki the Nanobot - 3D puzzle game, in which you must control a Nanobot and reach the exit of each level by solving puzzles.

Kumoon - another 3D puzzle game of a different nature. Control a cute duck and ricochet bullets of walls to knock all the blocks off each other.

T2002 - superb Turrican clone.

Super Human Cannonball - Shoot a human out of a cannon and try to perform stunts across a variety of levels. ... loads.html

Future Pinball - a freeware pinball table maker, with various developers making tables for it.

Street Bike Fury - excellent adreline charged game, made by Game Maker developer Shaun Noel (who has since committed suicide). Ride a motorcycle, kill bad guys, do stunts and generally cause chaos. Page is not the developer one because it has been giving me trouble lately, hence I linked to my review on Acid-Play.

Soldat - excellent 2D deathmatch game, with lots of weapons and even a choice to play against bots. This one is borderline freeware - you can pay for a registered version but there is no enourmous difference in features.

And that's all for now. Have fun.

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Post by eMTe » Sat Apr 01, 2006 17:50

From now on, please avoid this topic and stick to the "one game - one thread" rule, because it makes forum clearer. When your submission is accepted we add link in the download area, pointing to the topic about the game. So, if there's bunch of games in one topic it makes discussion almost impossible...

If you want to submit more than one game, but don't have time to create several topics, post it here. Mod(s) will deal with that as soon as possible and they'll make seperate topics for each game , but please try to avoid such situations and do it ONLY IF YOU REALLY DON'T HAVE TIME. We want to have real life too. :roll:

Thank you. :)
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[emailed request]3 Obsidian Novels games

Post by Maz » Tue Sep 09, 2008 14:31

Obsidian Novels

show details 9:32 PM (16 hours ago)


Hi there!

I wonder if you could publish my games on your website,

You'll find all the games, plus information and screenshots, here:

I'll put a link to your site in return.


So Freddie mailed to me about his games. Not too much of info in mail. but I guess his site could provide some further info :)

Anyways, this is something for GHs to consider :)

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Post by Pater Alf » Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:40

I checked "Starblaze Confront" and it is quite nice. I will open a thread about it tomorrow...

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Post by eMTe » Sun Sep 14, 2008 11:11

Well, this one can be merged with more than one game thread.
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