windows 8 phone - bollox!

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windows 8 phone - bollox!

Post by Maz » Fri Jun 21, 2013 21:23

Let's face it. I am using windows. I have had phone from my employer for over six years. And I've started using it more and more for surfing on web, emails and so on. After I broke my Nokia e7 I had to start using Windows phone - Lumia 620.

I must say I was surprized. The phone was technically better than I expected. However I hated the way everything is bound to Microsoft account - especially after all the talks about companies giving information to USA.

After a few months I deeply dislike the phone. Maybe I just don't know how to use it.

Does anyone know if I can access the filesystem somehow? Can I for example download zip, extract it to local fs and run executable which was in zip? Or can I send a file to web browser and html form ? Is there a way to have command prompt?

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Re: windows 8 phone - bollox!

Post by Zyx » Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:12

I think pretty much all modern smartphone OSes (iOS, Anrdoid, WP8) only allows the apps to run in a sandbox with no interaction between other apps and only through API calls to the system, so no local FS except within the apps' own tiny sandbox. In my opinion, it's kinda neat because it almost eliminates the threat of traditional malware.

My main grip with the WP is that it's impossible to export the contacts in any sane way (apart from writing your own little app, and I don't know any C#). A relative recently switched jobs and had all his phone contacts (by default) in his Outlook contacts. I haven't found any way to move all these contacts from the now inaccessible account to teh cloudz (aka Live, cause there's no local storage of contacts either). I dread the day when an update or something decides that it's time to trash and refresh the contact information from the server...

Otherwise, I kinda like the interface and things in WP. The availability of any apps is a major deal breaker.
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