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Pixel Ninja

Post by VitalGaming » Sun Dec 29, 2013 2:02

Hey guys, I have created a FREE 2D Pixel Arcade game called Pixel Ninja. Its a FREE GAME, its 15MB(quick/easy download), and runs at 150+ FPS!

IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/david-umoh

The player, a ninjan must dodge Shuriken (ninja stars) while collecting gems and

DOWNLOAD LINK- http://www.mediafire.com/download/zpvyq ... nja_v4.zip

Shuriken- Player throws a shuriken to destroy enemy shuriken
Fuuma Shuriken- Massive Shuriken that destroys all enemy shuriken in its path
Kunai Knives- The player throws knives
Discharge- Player releases lightning in all direction
Heart- Extra Life

[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXe-X9Ap ... re=mh_lolz [/youtube]

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Re: 2D Retro Game Pixel Ninja[FREE] Testers needed

Post by jayenkai » Sun Dec 29, 2013 19:50

Welcome to the wonderful world of development!

I am a developer, and I've made very many games.
The following post might seem like I'm being a picky tit, but I'm honestly trying to help.
Apologies if I come off as being too picky and moany.

(oh, and if you don't reply, and are just spamming forums all over the internet, that'll put you in my bad books.)


The menu needs the mouse, but the game needs the keys.
As a developer, constantly hopping from mouse to keyboard creating your game, this isn't something you tend to pick up on. But trust me, it's something that "players" do most definitely notice. I've had LOADS of complaints about that kind of thing, and nowadays I spend ludicrous amounts of time double checking all my menus and things, to ensure they work equally well with keyboard or mouse or touchscreens or gamepads or whatever else is plugged into the system.

1. Spin those shurikens!! Should be easy enough to add a spin variable, and rotate the sprites.

2. On the collectables, reduce the alpha a little, so they look transparent. Not sure if they're supposed to be shiny gems, but they look like they're meant to be see-through!

3. Pixel discrepency. I'm fussy, and find the difference between the main sprite's small pixel size, and the background's huge pixel size far too drastic a difference. It's quite offputting. I can deal with giant games with massive chunky pixels, or sweet lovely perfectly rendered gorgeousness, but when you've got huge pixels mixed with tiny ones, it takes away from the game, somewhat. A game can look amazing, or it can look terrible. .. Just as long as it doesn't clash.. Clashing is Bad!!

4. Although Unity appears to scale your game into different resolutions quite well, it doesn't seem to be working with your mouse-driven buttons. Run the game at the lowest resolution, and compare where the buttons end up when played at the highest resolution. If you switch from the buttons to a keyboard-driven menu system, using normal graphics instead of clicky-buttons, you'll find that Unity should scale it properly to the resolution intended, but you'll still probably have to play about with it to make it exact.

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Re: 2D Retro Game Pixel Ninja[FREE] Testers needed

Post by VitalGaming » Sun Dec 29, 2013 22:19

Dont worry your not being picky, Ive learned to become thick skinned when it omes to criticism :D Your right I should spin the shurikens it`ll look a lot better. Also the gems are meant to look shiny. Thanks so much for the feedback man, it`ll help me in the future

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Re: 2D Retro Game Pixel Ninja[FREE] Testers needed

Post by Drasir-Vel » Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:48

I just played the game and i like the concept. A lot of my feedback and suggestions are the same as jayenkay. This is also only meant as constructive criticism.

I think the game would look more balanced if everything had the same pixel resolution as the player.
The different resolutions for the player and the shurikens make it look like the shurikens are flying somewhere in the background while the player is closer to the viewpoint. And the background feels wrong for the same reason. It looks like it's a thing that should be really close to the camera, but it isn't, because the other things are in front. I think that's a reason it seems to clash.

Also like jayenkay said, maybe add some animations like spinning the shurikens, animations on some of the weapons you throw yourself, and maybe also something on the ninja.

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