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Pet and Animal thread

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:55
by khouji
Okay, now it's the time for talking about animals, which can be really close to your heart (pets), but some of you can really afraid of them. Are there animals which you really are afraid of? Or is there something that you love? Do you have any pets? Want to tell us about it/them?

Re: Pet and Animal thread

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:07
by khouji
My pet dog likes to chew bones so I was searching online to look for a dog bone that will give more benefit to my dog. As I was searching online I saw this dog bones which has different types, brands, and flavors. Can anyone here in the forum share their thoughts or option about this product? It says that it's tasty and will keep your dog entertained. I'm open for more suggestions, though.