Colonisation of Mars

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Colonisation of Mars

Post by eMTe » Thu Aug 31, 2017 23:58

I'm not particularly interested in colonisation of Mars, but, obviouly, I got interested in trolling and philosophizing the topic about colonisation of Mars.

The topic is located here. ... sc&start=0

My views float like fire ants along Houston streets, like always, but hell, here they go.

The biggest rpoblem with colonising space - not only Mars - is that is on various grounds, philosophical, ethical, scientific, political, environmental viewed alternately or simultaneously as progress and historical necessity.

This may not be true, because physical limitations and costs of colonisation are so immense that humankind is probably doomed to live and fight on Earth, forever.

Take into consideration that missions to the Moon were once considered a great leap forward (sorry for this maoist innuendo). But the last mission took place in 1980 iirc and later it was decided that transporting a bunch of people from one solid Universe object onto another one isn't that complex after all. So we (humans) have built the international space station to still stay in space, feel the greatness of Universe, observe our little planet from above etc. But this feeling is gone too.

It's becoming obvious for even less educated people that Earth isn't particularly original object within the vastness of the Universe. More, we have colonized only the surface of it and we still don't know how does it look inside. Further, we still don't know how our oceans look like. Cousteau's and other missions have given us a glimpse at abysmal life, but altogether the great depths and number of species living there is still a mystery.

Further, we still don't know what the implications of information revolution will be. Will it create billions of hikkikomoris talking to themselves via intetrnet while being high or will it boost collective intelligence and wisdom to bring humankind to new heights?

Further, we still don't know what the implications of global warming will be. How fast it will develop and can we stop it.

Further, we still don't know what the psychological ad political results of above issues combined will be. Colonisation is fine, but what if majority will decide that it's funnier to drop the bomb on another country and see what it brings. Just for curiosity purposes.

Further, we still don't know what's hidden in the micro world, I mean all this DNA, Higgs particles, gravity and quantum stuff. Currently, I believe it's much more fascinating than outer world thingythingies. Mostly because you can project micro onto macro, thus macro becomes little less fascinating, being merely a progeny of micro knowledge.

One thing we should be aware NOW imo is that computers and widely understood machines will not take over the world, thus large segment of literary dystopias is now obsolete. The only "creatures" that took over as of AD 2017 are rocks. Rocks colonised the whole Universe - they are relatively solid, relatively straightforward as a structure, they don't think, they don't feel, they don't fight. They just colonise.

My guess is, if we want to colonise Universe, we should mutually agree to commit The Suicide, thus we will send Earthian debris into space. Sure, it won't be a very complex colonisation, in terms of commonnly understood complexity: there will be no photos, no sounds, no samples collected. But parts of us will colonise the furthest, now available only for imagination and mathematics, lands.
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