Are media new Stasi?

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Are media new Stasi?

Post by eMTe » Fri Jun 20, 2014 15:29 ... .html?_r=0

So, Poland has its own WikiLeaks. I hadn't proper opinion on WikiLeaks until methods they use reached the top of our government and I am deeply disturbed.

Basically, my point is, that politics has always been, is, and most likely will be done like it is being done on these recordings. From ancient Mesopotamia to modern US top deals have always been made in dark corners or otherwise secretly. Politics was always dirty, but somehow we managed, within all this dirt, to build democracies and maintain human rights. Now, what this newspaper "Wprost" tries to do is to convince society that two people (interior minister and chief of central bank) discussing various issues (but never even hinting on political corruption of any kind) during dinner (and maybe vodka) are dangerous to the state.

This is the kind of thinking that we know from totalitarian states. If one will control everybody it will bring order. We have examples from DDR where, as they say, half of the society was spying the other half. This system fell down.

Media are frequently informally called "the fourth estate". Maybe it's time to impose laws on them, similar to those imposed on official gov departments. Because, soon, we may wake up one morning in the world where they're far more dangerous to stability of the society than secret services ever been.
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