The little Inn by the wayside

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Re: The little Inn by the wayside

Post by Tormuse » Sun May 19, 2019 5:09

Something that might interest Jayenkai: I was playing the Platdude variant of your game, Arcade Slots, on my phone the other day and hit the "Jackpot" and got a new high score of 6180! (My previous high score was 5830 if my post from five years ago is to be believed. :)

I admit I haven't visited your site much in a while, but I still play your games on my phone fairly frequently. JNKAtoms, Arcade Slots, and Platdude Golf (yeah, I know you never liked that one) get a lot of gameplay still. :)
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Re: The little Inn by the wayside

Post by jayenkai » Sun May 19, 2019 12:27

Aww :D
Yeah, it's nice to look back at the archives.

The current "Shoebox" engine is really a lot more powerful than I was expecting. Assuming you've a half-decent mobile, it should run fairly smoothly.
It should also now cache properly, so you can play whilst offline, which was one of my initial intentions but took bloomin' ages to get working.

I've been slightly tempted to start making "proper" games in the new engine, too, but every set of sprites and sounds that I add, bulks up that initial cache quite significantly, and .. Hmm.. :/
So far, most everything added to the Shoebox has had more than one use, but "proper" games would require more specific files.
Not sure the best way around that, if I'm honest. But it's definitely something I'm working on.

And Atoms is definitely already on the big Shoebox todo-list. I loved that game!

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Re: The little Inn by the wayside

Post by eMTe » Sat Jun 29, 2019 22:57

Games feelings engines

Properties defaults principles
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